Why should you list with us

The only platform where customers can “Make an Offer” to any hotel or car rental of their choice. Instantly secure non-refundable payments for your rooms and car rentals at your hidden negotiated prices. No bidding! No price wars!

Sell fast

This is unique platform where hotels and car rentals  can choose Instant or Manual booking. The website will list published prices and will sell at or above hidden prices (lowest possible secret prices set by hotels and car rentals). 

Control your listings

Hotels and car rentals are in full control of  listings and bookings. Names, adresses and exact map locations can be hidden any time from users. List as many rooms and cars as necessary. Individual room and car listings can be activated or deactivated. Availability dates and prices can be controlled through calendars.

No commission

It is free to list. No hidden fees or commission.  You pay ZERO! Offer2Book.com will add minimum  fee to customer’s offer. Therefore, minimum possible hidden prices will result in faster record sales. Non-refundable, secured fees will be transfered to hotels' and car rentals' accounts regulary.

Why us

Our mission is to connect travelers with hotels and car rentals of their choice worldwide for instant secured bookings and savings. Travellers can book their trips at negotiated prices instantly and directly without a third party using Offer2Book.com automated system, which compares their offers to hotels’ and car rentals’ hidden prices.

The automated system will display the official published room and car rental rates visible to the users on our website. However, hidden non-published room and car rental rates (minimum acceptable rates) will not visible to the users. The prices can be adjusted by hotels and car rentals and will be used by our system to automatically reject offers bellow hidden prices without sending notification.  Any offers above hidden prices will be automatically accepted by the system and booked.

 NOTE: Offere2book.com will not be charging hotels and car rentals any fees.   Therefore, we advise hotels and car rentals to keep hidden prices low to secure 100% booking. High hidden prices will result in customers making offers to other hotels and car rentals.

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